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All boards are with clear glass polish, 2+1 or FCS thurster setup. Glass on fins, foam stains, tints/pigments, airbrush and custom artwork are available. Our boards are made-to-order and handcrafted on O’ahu. Delivery times may vary depending on demand.



It’s small and it was never meant to be this good… The Berkie will surprise you with excellent float, paddle, and performance. It can be a shortboard alternative for classic logriders or a mini-tanker for shortboarders that will fit in their cars and elevators.

Recommended between:

  • 6’6 to 8’0 long
  • 22” to 22-1/2” wide
  • 2-5/8” to 3-1/4” thick


It can be tough to surf steeper, faster waves with traditional longboards. The Slider can help with it’s traditional 60’s-style outline with more modern, progressive rails. This board combines effortless paddling with stable maneuverability for the ultimate blend of old and new for Hawaii waves.

Recommended between:

  • 9’3″ long
  • 23″ wide
  • 3″ to 3-3/8″ thick


Our timeless all-arounder, it just makes you smile… Whether surfing waiks or bowls, this board will perform just the way you want to surf for any given day. It’s smooth paddling, big round turns, and stable noseriding will give you a daily perma-grin.

Recommended between:

  • 9’1 and 10’0 long
  • 23” wide
  • 3” – 3-1/4” thick


Made for all the grandpa’s out there and the guys that wanna surf with that old classic style. It’s our traditional 60’s style single fin longboard made for softer, rollie waves like Waiks and White Plains. With 60/40 rails, a large square tail, it turns and noserides with ease.

Recommended between:

  • 9’1 and 10’0 long
  • 23” wide
  • 3” – 3-1/4” thick


Let us know what kind of board you’d like, we’ll reach out for more specific info and to arrange payment. If you’re not sure what kind of board you should get or if you have any other questions, contact


6’0” – 6’5”
6’6” –6’11”
7’0” – 7’5”


7’6” – 7’11”
8’0” – 8’5”
8’6” – 8’11”
9’0” – 9’5”
9’6” – 9’11”
10’0” – 10’5”

Stock boards can be found at Hawaiian South Shore Surf and Surf Garage.


About Us

Walk Fantastic was created in 2004 by a group of friends who absolutely loved surf and everything it brings to our lives.

Throughout this amazing journey, we’ve grown with every board, every session, and evolved to create longboards that maximize fun with an emphasis on soul, style, and function.

We are a small, simple group of board builders who prefer to handle our customers as our friends. We hope to create unique and timeless longboards that bring smiles and joy to like-minded surfers.

To find out more, contact or call us at 808-387-0191.